I felt really really good about this week. I was killing it in my cardio, getting a light lift in every other day and sticking to my diet. All systems go right?!? WRONG when you are a woman. Now I know I told you all I would keep it real because there is no sense in sugar coating the postpartum weight loss experience so here is your chance to click out guys. I don’t think many men read these but in case you are one, things are about to get “girly”… I mean you can stay if you want but this is your last chance to click out… Otherwise I’ll see you guys next week, BYE!????????

Ok ladies, part of being postpartum means your body is trying to figure out what the hell just happened. What is the new “normal”?? Well along with getting back to normal means Aunt FLOW is back. Can you sense my enthusiasm??????I worked my butt off this past week for this bitch to show up and ruin it for me. Thanks lady. I don’t need to go into details with you all since we are all grown women but the BLOAT is real.????I honestly was just going to skip the weigh in all together because I didn’t want to swan dive off the Grand Island bridge... BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS and because of that I did it anyways. Hopped on the scale today at 169 lbs. ONE FREAKING LOUSY POUND.????Thanks Aunt Flow for making your presence known. Along with the food cravings (which I have handled with grace), you can see that the bloat did me NO favors this week. Honestly I was happy I didn’t show a weight gain this week, all factors considered. Let’s look at the bright side however, I am now in the “160s” club. I started in the 180’s so this is excellent to see. Now I only have 12ish more pounds to go!!!????

What’s the moral of this past week ladies? Weight loss journeys for women are not some beautiful linear equations such as Eat properly+exercise = weight loss. We do have outside monthly factors that are sure to show us who is in charge. I would recommend skipping the weigh-ins around this week of the month, no need to further make yourself feel like crap. Stick to the program, ignore the cravings for chocolate or chips and know that you are still making progress. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT fall victim to this week. If you give in during this time every single month you are going to set yourself back significantly for your long term results. Stick to it and know you will come out on the other side with your results if you keep pushing.

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