So my featured picture today is how my lap generally looks while I am trying to get ANYTHING done in my office. Baby M & Ellie the Pomeranian fighting for lap space.???????? I do not know how I get anything down nowadays but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

This past week I feel like I have gotten into a grove. Food went well all week, I mean except for Super Bowl Sunday. I made decent snack decisions during the game but also had a couple drinks. No biggie. Like I have said from the beginning, the weight loss journey was not only about losing weight but it is also about maintaining my sanity along the way. Going out to dinner, having a few drinks while at it…I was never ready to sacrifice that luxury 1x a week to lose weight faster. As I Break down my journey thus far for you you will see what I mean. Some weeks I won and others I didn’t but the overall “General trend” was DOWN and that is what was most important.

After my very UNDERWHELMING weight loss results last week (for very valid reasons) I really wanted to set the tone this week and I did!  I am down another 3 pounds which means I have SINGLE DIGITS TO GO! I couldn’t be more excited!!

Week End      Weight           Pounds lost

Week 1

187 lbs


Week 2

187 lbs


Week 3

183 lbs


Week 4

180 lbs


Week 5

178 lbs


Week 6

175 lbs


Week 7

174 lbs


Week 8

171 lbs


Week 9

170 lbs


Week 10

169 lbs


Week 11

166 lbs


As you can see form this chart this journey thus far has not been perfect. If you havent been following this journey please go back and ready my 1st & 2nd blog and see where my head was at. (LOST IN SPACE)The weeks that I lost 1-2 lbs I absolutely was NOT sticking to the program like I should have. The crazy part is I was still working out but the “food aspect” is so important to the overall success of your weight loss journey that the working out helped me “keep my head above water” but that’s about it.  I hope showing you the total pounds lost will show you that this is as as serious as you take it! 21 lbs down with 9 Pounds to go until I’m back at my pre-baby weight!

It’s been 100 days since I had my precious baby girl. I have learned so much along the way about myself and my new role as “mommy”. I absolutely LOVE being her mommy. Sometimes I get frustrated because she distracts me from office work & gym time ( as shown in the featured blog pic) BUT it’s in those moments that I need a reality check. I can get the work done while she Is sleeping, she will only be this little for so long and I need to absorb it all in.

Some women have not received my blog as well as I had hoped. I have gotten a few hate emails thus far saying “I am body shaming, too hard on myself, not giving myself time to recover” … One woman even took it as far as tell me that i need to "check my mental health because no woman should be this obsessed with losing weight after just 14 weeks". First let me say that I AM SORRY that my ambition offends you so greatly. My want to regain control of my body's appearance is by no means met to offend you or the way you look.

Just know that this is MY journey and my body image is very important to ME (and I am not afraid to tell you all that). This blog is to encourage and inspire women who WANT to lose weight. To show them that you CAN LOSE WEIGHT WHILE STILL ENJOYING LIFE. Could I lose this weight faster if I didn’t EVER cheat? Oh absolutely. I could also lose weight faster by “starving myself” (eating less than 1,000 cals per day) but would that be worth it? Not in my mind.

Every weight loss journey is different. Remember that your mindset & dedication to the process are the 2 most important things that will drive you towards success. Maybe you “want to lose weight” but your find yourself where I was on the first 2 weeks of my journey..”not quite ready yet” ..and that is okay just don’t lie to yourself. Don’t get frustrated, get your mindset right. When you are READY to get this thing done nothing will stand in your way. 11 weeks have come and gone and I am still pushing towards my goal weight. 9 more to go!

Thanks for checkin in with me this week friends! If you are ready to start your weight loss journey through portion control I would say DO IT NOW. Place your first order today and make that decision to lose the weight. Not only will you see a difference in your confidence you will see a difference in your overall health. A happy, healthy and confident mom raises happy, healthy and confident babies ????Remember that.

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