Building a healthy relationship with food can be difficult. Most of us are programmed as children to see food as a reward or “treat” at the end of a long day.

How many heard “If you are good we will go to McDonalds” “If you behave yourself while mommy is in this store, we will get ice cream after”. I know every parent means well when they offer a delicious treat in exchange for good behavior, but this very act is the catalyst to building an unhealthy relationship with food for life.

As an adult the first step to building a new and healthy relationship with food is to not take anything away. Most people will begin their weight loss journey by banishing entire food groups from their diet. NO CARBS, NO DAIRY, NO SUGAR. NO NO NO NO NO. This is not the answer to long term results, in fact, this very notion is what sets you up for failure before you have even begun.

Real weight loss results are a product of portion control. It is silly to think that you can cut entire food groups our of your diet forever an NEVER eat them again. The truth is if you cut carbs out of your life for, lets say 30-40 days,. eventually you are going to crack…and when you do it is going to be BAD. Since you haven’t been allowed to “have carbs in your life", you have a moment of weakness and now that you have gotten a tase of them it is OVER. Let the binge eating begin...

For this exact reason I am begging you NOT to take this path. When customers who have tried losing weight through cutting food groups first see our food here at 95 Nutrition they are shocked. “How can you lose weight and each pasta, cheese, sauce…this all seems so wrong.” WHY?? is the first question I have for them. “Why can’t you eat this and still get results?” 99% of the time I am answered with a long awkward pause….They have no valid answer, only that America has put this idea into their head with no valid backing with facts.

If you have tried EVERYTHING and still have not gotten the long term results you deserve, its time to try 95. When you leave one of our stores, you will depart with all of the tools you need for success. You will leave with food that is delicious and nutritious, food that you will actually enjoy eating! Let us show you why portion control can changed your life. We are real people with real results. We are team 95.