Like most of you reading this, when I saw the sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram for 95 Nutrition, I was skeptical. "How could those people have such a drastict change in their bodies by just eating these meals?" I would think to myself. I had been killing myself in the gym for over a month with minimum results. I was frustrated beyond belief and gave up all together.

I started my own reasearch on weightloss and found that most weight loss results actually come from what you put into your body. My mind shifted back to 95 Nutrition. I started to look into their meals, the options that were avaliable and the pricing. But, I wasn't ready to commit yet. Fast forward a few months later, after trying to meal prep on my own and still not seeing the results I was searching for I fell off the wagon....hard. I ended up packing on even more weight and being even more depressed and frustrated. Something had to change for good this time. No more yo-yo dieting. I needed a lifestyle change.

When I started my 95 Nutrition journey, I was super overweight, unhappy with my body, and my confidence was at an all time low! When I discovered that even my "fat jeans" were too tight, I was disgusted with how far I had allowed my unhealthy habits to go on for. That was my wake up call. That night was my rock bottom, I went on and finally signed up for my first 30 day challenge. 

Being a picky eater, I was nervous that I wasn't going to like a lot of the meals. I was so pleasently surprised to find that I loved everyone of them that I tried! I thought at one point my friends were going to disown me for posting my meals constantly on Snapchat; but I just couldn't help raving about the amazing food! My other concern that I was going to be starving between meals also faded quickly. I was satisfied, my stomach wasn't growling at me and all I had to do was push the time on the microwave.

My first two weeks in I got on the scale and it hadn't moved much at all, only a few  measly pounds. I felt myself start to get discouraged again; this time I stayed strong and stuck to the program. Eating my meals and drinking my gallon of water. The next week I decided to try the scale again and was shocked, I had dropped 10 pounds and 5 inches alone just off my waist!! That was it for me, I was addicted.

The month was coming to and end. I was satified with my results but I was hungry for more progress. I had a goal in  mind that I was going to reach, so I signed back on for my second month. I stayed so strong throughout the two months and my body shows the proof. Throughout my two months with 95 Nutrition I have lost an amazing 26 pounds total! No gym, all 95! 

My hope in sharing my story is that I can help someone else make that decision, that leap to challenge themselves and to change their life. To that skeptic that I was, it's real. The results are real. If you eat the meals and drink your water, you will drop the weight! Your body will change and your clothes will fit so much better. Your confidence will sky rocket. Invest in you, invest in your heath and your happiness!

I want to take a minute to thank 95 Nutrition from the bottom of my heart for creating such a wonderful program with such delicious foods. They have literally recharged my life. I have so much more confidene in myself and my body. Thank you for lifting me back up and setting me on the right path! This is not the end of my journey, not even close. I can't wait to see what the next few months bring!