Upon waking up this morning I hopped on the scale I found myself smiling from ear to ear, I am currently 12 pounds down. I had set a personal goal for myself of 10 pounds for the challenge and now I have officially surpassed it! As I move through week three and into my final week of the challenge I look forward to the possibility of not only what I can lose in the next week, but what I have gained and still can gain from my progress.

While the struggle has been persistent and there were more than a few temptations along the way, I found myself looking forward to my meals, workouts and to getting dressed in the morning. I had gotten to the point where I wasn’t comfortable when I got dressed, everything snug and I was never really happy with the image I saw in the mirror. On Friday I put on a pair of jeans only to find that they were too loose. I went through my drawers and pulled out a pair of jeans that I had fit into in the beginning stages of my mom’s diagnosis, they’re one size down! My friends and colleagues have begun to comment on my physical transformation, my slimmer face and hips along with my sunnier attitude and my previous sense of confidence beginning to shine through.

I am beyond excited to continue my journey and to continue to move forward. I have made such a great transformation already and I cannot wait to continue. Even though I have only been eating the meals provided to me, I have begun to look at food in a new light. I am no longer using food as a comfort through stressful situations or mindlessly snacking during the day. I have had a few, “oh boy does that look so good!” moments when at work or out with my friends but then I would think about my progress. I just needed to remind myself that I don’t need to eat the sweets and snacks just because everyone else is, I have the power to say no and I will be just fine.

Throughout all of this I cannot help but think about how proud my mom would be of what I have accomplished thus far and how I am moving forward. I was overjoyed reading all of the positive comments left on my initial video and my last update. The support of strangers, friends and the 95 Nutrition team has been a massive motivator. It has been so great to know that I have all this support behind me, encouraging me through the past month. This journey has been amazing I can’t wait to give it my all during this last week and see my overall results from the month.