How about combining a bit of the finest fresh Greek yogurt with a mix of protein powder and cheesecake mix or tasty Philadelphia cheese? That’s what makes an extraordinary flavor known to all HLS adherents as cheesecake protein pudding. Do you know the taste of that wellness dessert? If not, we strictly recommend you to try it as its delicious combo of creamy texture and fresh yet sweet taste makes miracles. It improves your mood. It doesn’t overweight you. It nourishes and at once it provides you with all the necessary protein! Let’s get acquainted with this delicacy that helps sweet teeth enjoy their high-protein diet and doesn’t impact your weight.

The Idea of Cheesecake Protein Pudding: Who’s an Inventor?

We cannot say for sure who was the genuine inventor of this recipe, as making desserts of fresh yogurt has diverse traditions in multiple cultures. Yet, in the US, it became a must-try dessert thanks to Nestle’s dairy department which presented the Lindahls brand of protein cheesecake puddings based on dairy products by Nestle.

Since that time, cheesecake protein pudding has become a real bombshell in the healthy eating community.

The Basic Recipe of Cheesecake Protein Pudding: What Does It Consist Of

What is the basic recipe for cheesecake protein pudding? As its name shows, it collects the taste of classy cheesecake and adds some traits of pudding consistency to it. And at last, it contains a considerable portion of pure protein all of us need to build muscles and improve metabolism levels.

Typically, this healthy dessert consists of the following ingredients:

  • Greek yogurt. That’s the basis of this pudding that provides eaters with an unforgettable fresh and creamy taste. Do not forget that you need plain Greek yogurt without any sugars and additives in it. You’d better add them to your taste further.
  • Protein powder. If you love protein shakes, you definitely have this food supplement in your stash. Although dairy products have protein in their content, adding extra protein powder plays a considerable role, as cheesecake protein pudding acquires the necessary consistency, it becomes more nutritious without adding any carbs or fats to your dessert.
  • Cheesecake pudding mix. That’s the simplest ingredient to add, yet, we offer you to choose a more natural ingredient. A Philadelphia cheese or at least Mascarpone cheese we typically add to the tiramisu dessert.

As for sugars, please, ensure that you use a sugar-free cheesecake mix and low-sugar yogurt. At last, your protein powder already contains some sugars, and they’re enough to enrich the taste of your cheesecake protein pudding.

How to cook this delicacy then? That’s simple! You have to take 1 cup of Greek yogurt and 1 pack of cheesecake pudding mix (or 1 cup of cheese). Besides, you should add 1 scoop of your protein powder. Then, shred this mixture in a blender and shake a bit using a food processor. Put your cheesecake protein pudding in a cup, a container, or in a one-portion glass jar, let it cool in a fridge or freeze it in a freezer to get more ice-creamy consistency, and enjoy it!

Cheesecake Protein Pudding

The Yummiest Additives: Let’s Diversify Your HLS Dessert’s Recipe!

Typically, cheesecake protein pudding has a silky texture and a light, tender taste which can be supported by vanilla flavors. Yet, you can make it even better by adding some ingredients that won’t impact its healthy essence but add a bit of new taste to it.

  • Chocolate is a win-win option. For healthy cheesecake protein pudding, you can take dark chocolate with no less than 80% cocoa beans or even so-called brut chocolate that has fewer calories and sugar than conventional options. You can add it as chocolate crumbles, melt it in a water bath to include it in the recipe, or cook chocolate ganache to cover a ready-made pudding.
  • Lemon or citron essence or just a teaspoon of lemon juice can change the game.
  • Caramel crunches, or caramel covering also can diversify the taste of your high-protein pudding.
  • At last, various season fruits or berries are also a perfect match either in fresh condition, or in the form of jam, compote, or any cream.

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