NOW it’s international chest day! There are not many things that feel better in the gym than having a pump where you feel like your chest rivals that of Arnold. Heavy presses should always be a staple on your workout, but try this little combo out, and keep it going until you are unable to do a single pushup.

Incline Pronated Dumbell Flye - 15-20 reps

Pushupdrop set w/chains - AMRAP with 2 chains

  • AMRAP with 1 chain
  • AMRAP bodyweight
  • AMRAP modified (on knees)

Tips for the Flyes- Keep a slight bend to your elbow, and palms facing forward the entire time. Keep your shoulders down and back tight as you lower the weight as far as you can comfortably go without bending your elbows through the motion. Try to keep the load in your upper pecs, and not let your shoulders take the brunt of the weight. Do not bring the dumbbells all the way in to touch at the top. This will end up taking majority of the pressure off the chest. Only bring your hands in to where they are just over your shoulders. Go slow and steady and squeeze hard through the top.

Tips for the pushups- AMRAP stands for As Many Reps As Possible. All of the pushups should be done with good form and full range of motion. It doesn’t matter how many reps you are able to get, you want to go until you are not able to lock your arms out. There is no rest as you are stripping weight, and while the weight load gets lower as you go, the set definitely gets more challenging to the point where you may be surprised to get under 10 on your knees.

I will normally run through this 2 times. Be prepared that on the second round, there may be a significant drop in the amount of reps you are able to complete on the pushups. That is normal. Continue to use proper for and full range of motion for how ever many you are able to complete.