Time to pump up those guns. This ultra high rep finisher will have your arms feeling like Hulk Hogan’s 22 inch pythons! This is a very simple, yet effective superset. You will need a 2 resistance bands, and preferably 2 pieces of pvc pipe  (only need to be ~18 inches long). One band you will attach low to the ground, the other above your head. You want them to be about the same height as the pulleys on cable machine. The PVC pipe will be your ‘bar’, and the band is used for resistance (see picture). Adjust the bands appropriately so the rep range is between 20+

4 sets to failure-Curls

- Tricep Pushdowns

Every time you finish a set of curls, go right into the tricep pushdown with no rest. Then again, with no rest, right back in to the curls for 4 rotations. You will definitely see the rep range go down as you get further in. This monster set will obviously have you under a lot of time under tension. It will be important to execute every single rep with good form, and control both the concentric and eccentric motion of on both movements. Try to keep the cadence at 2:2 (2 count up, 2 countdown), squeezing hard at the top of each movement. We want to tax the intended muscles, and sloppy form will only take away the focus from where we want it.

Will it burn? Yes.

Will you have trouble lifting your arms up when you are done? Very likely.

Will you want to do it again? Absolutely! But if you do it right, you will have to wait until the next workout.