Who loves burpees!?! Today’s exercise is a fun one, but not for the faint of heart. I love burpees. Any and all variations. They are a fantastic exercise that increase your stamina and overall conditioning, and depending on what twist you put on them, even more.

Prepare to engage every muscle in your body. This is the Paul Burpee 2.0.

Position yourself underneath a pull up bar. The sequence goes as follows-

  1. Drop to a full pushup position
  2. Execute 1 pushup
  3. Pull in both knees to your chest
  4. Jump up and grab the pull up bar
  5. Use the momentum from the jump to the bar and execute 1 pull up
  6. As you lower yourself, once you are at the bottom position, perform a toe to bar leg raise
  7. Once you lower your legs under control, drop from the bar right back into the pushup position of the burpee and start over

This was all one rep.

The goal is to execute as many as you can, with good form. The last thing you want to is use sloppy form or swing around on the bar. Try to keep a good rhythm going. Especially with the pull up, that is where most people will tend to fatigue the fastest. If you jump up to the bar and just hang there after a few reps, you may not get up. And for the toe to bar knee raise, you will need to really engage your lats and pull yourself back to raise your hips a little higher as you perform the leg raise so you will not be limited by flexibility to actually make contact

These are difficult. You need to be able to do full pushups, pullups, and hanging toe to bar leg raises easily on their own before you can build to this. If needed, work on these movements on their own until you can do 8-10 of each.  

I like adding these in on a day where I am focusing mainly on conditioning work, or at the end of an upper body. Keep them consistent over the course of a few weeks, and see how many you can work up to without taking a break.