This is a VERY common question that we receive here at 95. I wanted to take a couple minutes to debunk this topic for you! Let’s get started.

Looking good & feeling good in your own skin doesn’t require hours & hours in the gym. The end. Yes, In a perfect world we would all have 1 hour each day to dedicate to fitness, but realistically that seems nearly impossible to most Americans. I’m sure when you are google searching “weight loss” or “best weight loss diets” you have come across articles from forums such as or…OVERWHELMING RIGHT??

You want me to eat WHAT? I don’t even know what isle to find flax seed in!! I need to eat 6x a day?? I don’t have time for that to eat 3 times as it is. You want me to spend 45 min lifting weights & then finish it off with 30 min of cardio…6 days a week? This is impossible. Just forget it. …We have ALL thought that!

Let’s consider the source for these online diet programs. They are written by the most fit/elite athletes around. YES THEY ARE RIPPED, YES THEY LOOK AMAZING BUT is having an 8 pack the look you are going for? 99% of Americans would say “No”, I know this because 1% of Americans identify as a body builders. So, where do you do from here? You still want to lose weight but these extreme body builder programs are just down right exhausting, mentally and physically. Will they produce magazine worthy physiques? Absolutely but they aren’t for you and that’s okay.

So you’ve decided you don’t have time for the gym. WELCOME TO PORTION CONTROLLED EATING.

Let me keep this short & sweet for everyone. Successful, longterm weight loss can be achieved through a simple mathematical equation!! Are you ready for it? Calories IN to Calories OUT! I know what you are thinking…Too good to be true. WRONG! This works if you stick to it. Don’t know how or what to eat? Don’t stress, that’s what we are here for at 95 Nutrition. We take the “guess work” out of the equation. Eat our meals, try not to eat anything else and you WILL SUCCEED.

IN SUMMARY… here are your options:

  • 1) If you want to lose weight and you don’t want to (or can’t) exercise, you have to eat less. It’s that simple. 3-4 95 Nutrition meals a day and NOTHING else will have you right on track.
  • 2) If you want to lose weight and you have time for the gym you can eat more & you will lose weight a bit faster than option #1. EATING 4 95 meals a day and any of our approved snacks will keep you right on track.

Do either of these options sound like something you can do? Let’s get you started this week. You can do this, we can help!