What do you imagine when you hear “Naples”? Sunny climate, unique cultural traditions, some kind of local foods, probably? As usual, Neapolitan cuisine is mentioned in the form of local pizza, Parmigiana di melanzane, and Sfogliatella pastry. And there is one more dish which belongs to Neapolitan traditional cooking - Italian Wedding Soup. Have you heard about it? Let’s consider what this meal is and why it is an example of truly healthy food.

The Roots of Italian Wedding Soup

Actually, in Italy, this soup is called Minestra Maritata. There is a translation mistake because its direct translation is not “Wedding Soup” but “Married Soup”. Yet, this name doesn’t refer to any marriage tradition of the region. The secret of its name is in the perfect “marriage” of tastes which occurs from the combination of meat and green vegetables.

As usual, Italian Wedding Soup belongs to Neapolitan cuisine but it is also popular in Lazio. There is a legend that this soup is a local variation of Spanish olla podrida – a Medieval dish brought to Naples with the Spanish invasion centuries ago. There is no proof for that. Be it as is, today Italian Wedding Soup is a brilliant example of la cucina povera (poor cooking) – the tradition of using all kinds of cheap meat, leaf greens, vegs, and all kinds of wastes.

There are lots of variations of Italian Wedding Soup even in the US, where this dish was brought with Italian settlers. Today it is a part of American Italian cuisine and you can meet it in almost every Italian food establishment.

Basic Recipe: What Is Included in Italian Wedding Soup

What is Italian Wedding Soup? It is a combination of meat pieces which are stewed in broth with green leaf veggies and herbs. Additionally, homemade pasta is also included in the soup to enrich its nutritive effect.

The main components of this soup are as follows:

  • Proteins in the form of pork or chicken meat, in the US – predominantly meatballs.
  • Broth made of vegetables and herbs with meat part stewing in it.
  • Greens like broccoli, kale, spinach, Savoy cabbage, chicory and endive, borage.
  • Pasta cooked al dente (usually, fuzzily, pastina, or orzo are used).

Besides, there are some peculiar features which enrich the taste of Italian Wedding Soup. For example, citron zest is usually added to ground meat when making meatballs for this soup. Also in Italy, regional variations of Italian Wedding Soup can include rice or lentils instead of pasta, parmesan cheese, carrots and celery, and pork sausages like mortadella or salame pezzente.

In any case, you get a warming, nutritious dish which can bring you pleasure and energy. Often it is even used as a hangover soup.

Calories and Nutrients: What Does Italian Wedding Soup Consist Of

Italian Wedding Soup is a source of nutrients which are indispensable for the daily menu. It is quite light and easy to digest, but it is rich in proteins and fiber, and saturated with Calcium, Sodium, and Vitamin C. Moreover, it consists of only from 200 calories per bowl which makes it a good idea for almost every diet. So adding it to your HLS menu is a win-win idea. Besides, you can get your tasty portion of Italian Wedding Soup right now. We deliver it and prepare it for you when you need it most.