Weight loss journeys can be one of the hardest journeys you will ever embark on in your life. It’s true, but why is that?? Let’s dive in.

You may be sitting here 2 weeks into 2021 still trying to figure out if you “have what it takes to lose weight”. Let me be the first to tell you that you absolutely do have what it takes to lose weight, you currently just don’t know WHAT it takes.

So what does it take to lose weight? Three simple things.

  • 1. Planning
  • 2. Honesty
  • 3. Commitment

THE PLAN - You absolutely must have a plan of action. Whether it be 95’s weight loss program or meal prep that you make at home you MUST have a weekly game plan. You cannot just “wing it”. Don’t have a plan? Get started with us today!

THE HONESTY - You have to go in knowing that your weekly results will speak much louder than what you “try and tell yourself”. If you follow our weight loss program honestly… that means no snacking, no drinking alcohol, no “just a taste” of something YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT. If you don’t follow it?? Well you know the answer to that…

THE COMMITMENT - Let’s face it, you’re not always going to FEEL like sticking to the program. You’re not always going to be faithful to the program (everyone has a bad day). Where the REAL RESULTS come in is you not giving up. No matter what the circumstances you continue to push forward. Did you ruin your Saturday with pizza, wings & beer??? That’s okay! Be right back at it the next morning. What you can’t afford to do is give up. You will succeed if you commit to this!