Every single transformation starts with "the first day". I have seen many "first days" and I can tell you that each person who walks through our doors here at 95 has a uniquely different reaction to their first day. I want to share so that you know you are not alone!!!!

MY GO-GETTERS - THEY ARRIVE PUMPED. They come in ready for change. They have waited long enough, this is the day they start their journey to a healthier and happier body. Nothing will stop them. They leave with an entire weeks worth of food, smiling and ready to take on the world.

MY CAUTIOUS CATHYS - They arrive "on the fence" (that's what I like to call it). Maybe they were referred by a friend, spent some time stalking our social media accounts, but for whatever reason they still are unsure if this is for them, or better yet, they may still be unsure if change is what they really want. I approach Cathy and let her know she is in good hands. We get her started with 10 meals, just for lunch and dinner this week, and send her on her way. Cathy comes back in 2 days and is SOLD. She can do this, and we are honored to help her!

MY DEBBIE DOWNERS - They arrive as if someone just physically dragged them into our store (sometimes they actually do LOL). Total negativity is the first reaction I get. "I'm not going to eat this health food, it's going to taste awful..ewww Broccoli..nope not doing it!" or the complete opposite "How is this food even healthy, It has cheese on it". Debbie, Debbie, Debbie!! You are my is my favorite kind of client, because you are a challenge... and BOY DO I LOVE A CHALLENGE!

I show Debbie around the store, explain our philosophy and get her set up with a (simple) 4 meal sample pack. She reluctantly takes the 4 meals home, all the while reassuring me that she will hate this food. (because she is a picky eater) Debbie calls 5 hours later to apologize and say "yah know what Lindsey? This isn't too bad at all." I don't tell her "I told you so" I simply smile, say thank you, and invite her in to see us again.

I know Debbie is not sold just yet, but she will come to me when she is ready. I know you Debbie, better than you know yourself. Change is inside of you and I will wait you out! I'm not giving up on you.

Debbie visits us 5 more times (over the course of 60 days) in store, before she commits to our 30 Day challenge!

Now, and only now do i say it... "Hey Debbie?...I TOLD YOU SO"

Friends, No matter how your "First day" turns out with us here at 95 we welcome you with open arms. Transformation is NOT EASY! We understand that here. I won't ever give up on you.

Wake up tomorrow and make it your "first day"