Hi, my name is Stephen Antonio and that is a really bad picture of me...that picture I shared with you all is me almost 3 ½  years ago when I was weighing close to 305 pounds!  Being overweight was not just with me, but my entire family. It has always been a constant struggle.  Mine started young and got progressively worse as I grew up.

One day I woke up and I decided enough was enough, the battle I was having with myself and food was gong to come to an end! I can't explain what came over me but I just decided at that I wasn’t going to let food dictate my life anymore (as cliché as it sounds).  Life for me was going to be the way I wanted it, the way I envisioned it, and the way I would create it. 

I am now a member of #Team95 at 95 Nutrition and I am here to give you the unedited, un-cropped full truth behind what makes our company unlike the rest.  I know what most people will think at the beginning too, the whole “They’re probably just paying him to say this and that” or “He’s just saying that to keep his job” and for those of you that are skeptical, I ask you to keep reading. 

You will find out that I am as genuine as they come when it comes to people. I am also one of the most motivated people you can meet, not just in working on myself, but on others as well. I want everybody to succeed in whatever goals they have.  It is in my blood to not only enjoy success, but to enjoy the success of others.  Its going to be my career to not only see the success others can have, but to be the pioneer to that success. 95 Nutrition has that same goals and that’s why I love the company.

I am inviting you all to come visit me at the newest 95 Nutrition location located at 4125 Transit Rd, Williamsville. If you are struggling...I understand what it feels like. I have walked many miles in those same shoes. You can do this. Let me help!