There's no doubt the importance of self-care, especially if you’re a mother. You can’t take care of your family if you’re not taking care of yourself. But here’s the thing: doing things for yourself usually means you're able to set aside time for yourself. For single moms, finding that time can be close to impossible. If you're in a relationship and you need a break from parenting, you can tag out with your partner and go off and do whatever you need to do. But if you're a single mom, as I am, you just don't have the luxury of being able to practice self-care. When you want some time to yourself, it takes a lot more planning and far more advance notice. So while self-care is essential to most moms' lives, the conversation about self-care often excludes single mothers.

Prior to my daughter I was a gym rat. I played Division I college basketball, worked out everyday, ran marathons, meal prepped and took very good care of myself. However, my reality changed drastically after becoming a single mom. Being a single mom, self-care became a privilege, not a right. The challenges you face as a single mom go from self-doubt, to anxiety over money to the stress of making decisions alone. Not only was “mommy guilt” setting in, but my diet, my health and overall mental clarity was suffering as well. I got rid of my gym membership, to save money and spend elsewhere. Like diapers, clothes for my daughter or activities for her. I ate on the go, while I made sure my daughter was eating healthy. I was taking care of everyone around me, except for myself. It began to catch up with me.

I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror anymore. I was becoming depressed and unsure of myself. I knew I had to make changes, not only for myself, but for my daughter. To show her that her mommy can accomplish anything and to teach her a healthy lifestyle. The lifestyle I lived before she was born. It is who I was and I needed to find that person again.

Because I don’t have a gym membership anymore, I knew it had to start with my diet. That is when I turned to 95 Nutrition. My time is extremely valuable and I don’t (can’t) spend it prepping my food all day on Sundays like I used to. So the convenience of being able to turn to 95 Nutrition for my meals, is so important to my transformation. Not only are the meals so much more flavorful than the ones I used to prepare for myself, but I also do not have to guess the calories, fat and carbs. It is already figured out for me. And that may seem like a trivial thing to most people, but to me, it let’s me breathe easy and spend my time on more important things.

I have been able to see amazing changes not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. I have lost 15lbs and many inches, while doing workouts and weights at home. I have been able to accomplish this without paying a babysitter, without spending money in a gym membership, and investing in a positive mindset and meals from 95 Nutrition.

No more excuses for this single mom.

I have a little girl that is looking to me to make the right decisions, looking up to me and learning about her self worth through ME. Her strength. Her development. Teaching her about a healthy lifestyle. She is the only motivation I need.