Can I be honest? I didn’t even want to check in this morning. Not only do I have nothing to report to you for progress, my life has been so chaotic and stressful that I really just wanted to skip the talk this week. Then I got to thinking…it might help to mindlessly write to you all this morning and just confess what the heck happened this week. If anything, maybe a few can relate.

So HI! Here I am! Being that this week had a very important holiday included in it you can guess that weight loss goals for the week were on the back burner. Remember, I am all about balance in this journey and I am not sacrificing my valentines day dinner on behalf of losing weight faster. However, if you follow along you will also note that I do go out to eat 1x per week with my husband and still manage to lose upwards of 3 lbs some weeks…so why was this different than any other week?

Well, I'm glad you asked!????

I went “ALL IN” on valentines day. We had a lunch meeting back to back with our dinner celebration (which was like a 7 course meal). We of course followed that up with after dinner drinks and now we have a day in which I consumed 4,000 cals.
????<— Funny because it’s honestly not far from the truth. Typically when we do our weekly dinner I will stick to my 95 meals for breakfast and lunch and then go out for the dinner. At dinner I’ll skip the bread and only eat 1/2 my meal. This keeps me on track to lose that 2-3 lbs. You may be reading this and think I am crazy to say that ONE DAY of “bad eating” will ruin your entire week…????but this is proof… ONE DAY can absolutley set you back the entire week! I am not bringing light to this because I am upset with myself this week, I am saying it so that if you are in the same boat and wonder WTF? you now know!

????????CONFESSION: After my night of binge eating at dinner I also brought SNACKS into my house on Saturday afternoon! UGH! Like why not?? I already blew it the night before. (Poor mindset) I DID follow my own rules however…Like I have said before, if you don’t have snacks in the house you won’t leave to get them…TRUE! I did not have any snacks available to me and I definitely wasn’t leaving to get any.

PLOT TWIST: … but what if this is the year 2020 and the snacks can be brought to you?!??! Damn it insta cart!!????Well I ordered tortilla chips, queso dip and salsa right to my door step (honestly it could have been much worse) and you want to know what I did? I sat on the couch with my husband and ate the entire bag. OOPS! Listen I have nothing to say for myself. I haven't done this in 14 weeks. I was bound to crack sooner or later. WE ARE ALL HUMAN my friends and so long as this isn’t happening weekly you will still reach your goals. Now I could sit here and get down on myself and say “screw it, I’m done trying. 23 lbs is good enough for me but that kind of attitude will never push me to where I want to be and I won’t sit here and lie to myself about my self-image. I still want to lose this “baby weight” so here I am on a Monday ready to tackle another week.

0 pounds was lost this past week and frankly I should be GRATEFUL I didn’t gain any weight. Let me also let you in on another secret. I have been running 3 miles a day. 5 days per week and that STILL DIDN’T combat the extra calories I took in. YOU CANNOT outwork a bad diet. YOU CANNOT always be perfect. YOU WILL succeed if you keep at it, don’t give up, forgive yourself and move on. Remember when you are trying to lose weight you must be at a calorie deficit and that once you have reached your “happy place” your maintenance calories will be much more “fun” to live with. Chips and salsa will eventually fit into my weekend when I am not trying to lose weight, that is something I am greatly looking forward to! ????