Happy Monday friends! Well let me just start with saying that I did not want to workout at all this past week. It was a HUGE mental struggle to get my ass down on the treadmill and I basically did zero lifting this week. I mean I am just being as honest as I can with you all and this wasn’t my week. THE ONE TIME I actually kinda felt like lifting …Melania woke up from her nap early & wouldn’t sit for me without fussing so that ended that motivation VERY QUICKLY. LOL. Here I am headed into my 9th week hoping that I will be able to muster up some motivation to workout this upcoming week.

Good news is I am actually SEEING a small change the mirror. No, my “pre pregnancy clothes” still don’t fit much better than they did 8 weeks ago ( I know because I had the balls to try them on again...UGH..shouldn't have????) BUT I do feel like my stomach is coming down visually. Finally seeing even the littlest change is giving me a little boost of confidence moving forward but I am still lacking that "GO GET 'EM" attitude. I'm honestly just BLAH.????

So let’s cut to the chase… I am down another 3 lbs this past week! Thank God the holidays are over! For those keeping track I am now down a total of 16 lbs in approximately 8 weeks. To me, mentally I am pretty much at the “half way point” and I say “pretty much” because I am not sure 157 lbs as my end goal will make me truly happy. So I am leaving it open-ended. I know that my body will never go back to what is was prior to pregnancy so I can assess how I feel once the scale says “she’s backkkk”.

How do you press through the "un-motivated" times?? After all, this is when it counts the most. ANYONE can get the job done when they "feel like it"...it's these times when you DON'T that drive your success. DO NOT GIVE UP. The minute you throw in the towel is the minute you have FAILED. I did not "fail" last week...I struggled. Note the difference. 

Friends, If you have been following my journey and wondering if you can do this I am telling you it is possible! I am doing NOTHING special here. I am sticking to my 95 meals and doing my best to find time/motivation to workout.

Quit procrasting and start your journey today with 95 Nutrition. We will help you every step of the way!