Dieting… Dreaded by most, feared by many & simply impossible to some. Why is this? Why can’t we simply make up our minds and decide to commit to restricting calories and losing that weight? I can tell you that in the 5 years I have been coaching our clients that the #1 reason we fail at weight loss is “MENTAL TOUGHNESS” or more simply put, “The ability to say NO”.

It’s not the diet program, it’s not your inability to hit the gym, it’s not your long work’s simply the fact that you don’t want it bad enough. You have not developed the mental toughness it takes to “pass on the snacks” at night.

So how do you have a breakthrough this year?

GIVE ME ONE WEEK OF YOUR LIFE. That’s literally all it will take. Now don’t get ahead of yourself… I am not saying it’s going to take a week to lose the weight I am saying it’s going to take a solid 7 days to build the foundation of your mental toughness.

Day 1: The hardest day… BRUTAL for most. Your mind is lost. No more snacking, no more mighty taco for lunch, no more wine at night. It’s all GONE. Breathe. YOU CAN DO THIS. You are strong. Shift your mind to thinking about how amazing you are going to look in the end and away from “everything you just lost” Drink some Lean 5 and get to bed. We’ve got work to do.

Day 2: PHEW! You made it 24 hours. Heck be proud of yourself because it may be further than you have ever made it. Today you must focus on your new routine. Maybe it’s 4 95 meals a day, maybe it’s your own prepared meals. Whatever the “new routine is” engulf yourself in it. Focus your energy on finding a “new hobby” that isn’t Netflix and snacks.

Day 3-5: You have found your groove & the right mindset to commit to this for just 1 week. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

Day 6: You are starting to feel different. Less bloated, more focused, maybe your pants’ waist may feel a little loose. HMMMM… You want to hop on that scale butttt you can’t. You still have one more day to go!

Day 7: THIS IS IT. You’ve made it a whole 7 days without cheating on your diet program. Now it hasn't been ALL that hard because you had 95 Nutrition’s delicious meals to look forward to every day BUT you definitely struggled giving up your extra snacks & wine at night. “This better pay off” you think to yourself or I just wasted 7 Days of my life.

Day 8: 6am… You get on the scale and you lost 4 pounds. WOW. You’re thrilled & thinking to yourself “It wasn’t that bad, I CAN do this”.

When I had my daughter I weighed in 35 pounds heavier that I was before pregnancy. It took me 6 months to tackle the 35 pounds. Not every day was perfect but I had an end goal in mind that kept me pushing... MY HAPPINESS. MY want to look & Feel better. Looking back at the journey I thought “this is going to take FORVER” …6 months… If I live to be 90 that was 0.5% of my life that I spent losing weight. In my mind, a very small price to pay to live the rest of my life healthy, happy & confident.