Hey FAM it's Angela (@ang_ragusa) here on #TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY with a HIIT Workout that anyone can do right in their home! Transforming your body does not take rocket science, expensive gym memberships or an oppressive meal plan, all you need is a little guidance from #team95 and you will be on your way to success!

What Is HIIT Training?

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is an amazing way to train if you are looking to burn fat, look lean, and actually enjoy your cardio. With HIIT, you are able to burn a high amount of calories in a small window of time, and with everyone's busy lifestyles, who doesn't want that? HIIT will cause you heart rate to shoot up and lower back down in very short amounts of time, leading to an extremely efficient way to burn calories and eventually leading to burning fat. While using your maximum heart rate, you are helping to lower blood pressure, build endurance, and increase your VO2 max, which is the measurement of how much oxygen that someone can use during intense training, a.k.a. a measurement of how physically fit one is. HIIT can be made up of many different exercises, targeting a full body, sweat-filled workout and can easily be changed up to keep your routines new and fresh. Combining proper nutrition with HIIT will guarantee amazing results!

What We Are Asking From You?

Complete our HIIT workout created Angela, and you will be eligible to win a FREE MONTH LONG WORKOUT PROGRAM!

Each Month we will be uploading a new "HIIT 95 Workout of the Month" on to our blog for you to add into your workout routines. 

What Will We Need From You?

1.) Record yourself completing 1 round the HIIT Workout of the Week 

2.) Upload the video to your social media page (ie Facebook and/or Instagram)

3.) Tag @95nutrition 

4.) Have fun and SWEAT!

Any questions should be referred to Angela on her Instagram @ang_ragusa, where she will be posting the video of herself completing the workouts each week. 


Repeat Round 5 Times

1.) 20 Lunge Jumps

2.) 20 Plank Punches

3.) 20 Russian Twists 

4.) 10 Burpees

5.) 20 Squat Jumps

6.) 20 Plank-to-Push Up