It’s Monday! You know what that means in the gym! International LEG (?) Day!!

The saying actually goes international chest day, but I am sure all of you love to squat as much as I do and can never wait, just like me! Anyone who knows me well, know I love to squat.

Next time you train legs, after your compound movements and ancillary work, try this monster set as a finisher and let me know how you feel!

1) Lying Leg Curl

2) Leg Extention (do NOT hold handles)

3) Hack Squat

4) Leg Extention (do NOT hold handles)

5) Lying Leg Curls  x3

6) Prowler Pushes- 10 laps with no break

Perform 3 Rounds of exercises 1-5 at 12 reps each, only resting for 30 seconds after exercise 5 before starting again. It is noted to not hold the handles on the leg extention. This will limit the amount of weight you can use, but will hit the quads much harder. Execute each rep on every exercise under control, taking about a 2 count on both the eccentric and concentric parts of the motion and trying not to rest at the top or the bottom. We want to keep as much constant tension on the muscle as possible.

Once you have completed 3 rounds (15 sets), its time to play with the prowler. Put a slightly lower amount of weight than you may normally use, and go for 10 continuous laps (down and back counts as 1 lap) with no rest.

Be sure to lighten the loads and keep a good pace as you go. Really emphasize your ROM (range of motion), control of the movement, and proper execution. Make sure you take extra time to foam roll and stretch out afterwards!!

Stay tuned next week for more of my personal favorites!