Weight loss Is not rocket science. Let #team95 help you lose the weight for life this time. Give us 30 days (4 weeks ) of your life and you will forever be changed.

How serious do you want to take this? Weight loss is not an "all or nothing thing" What does that mean? It means that an little changes to your life will help you move forward towards your goal. What it also means is that if you go ALL IN you are going to see those results more rapidly.

1) Chose your Level of commitment

5 Days a week <------- I just want to get my feet wet ($120-W)

6 days a week <------- I'm almost ready to go all in  ($144-W)

7 days a week <------- I'm ALL in ($140-W)

How do I order?

If you are following our weight loss program as suggested this is how you will order.

You will need the following for EACH day...

1-Breakfast item & 3-lunch/dinner items (you are eating 4 times a day)

To further break that down for you...

5 days a week - 5- breakfasts- 15 lunch/dinner

6 days a week - 6- breakfasts- 18 lunch/dinner

7 days a week - 7 breakfasts- 21 lunch/dinner

** YOU CAN CHOSE ANY COMBO OF MEALS FOR ANY GIVEN DAY. If you want to have tacos all day long, so be it! You will still lose weight.***

What Else can I eat during the day?

While on a weight loss program with 95 we suggest that you try stick to the program as written bit here are a list of thing you can have guild free.

- Green veggies- steamed or raw don't matter just don't add any extra to them ;)
- Protein shake with water
- 1 SERVING of our 95 desserts

When do I start?

Well right now of course! When you are done reading this blog hop into the "order" tab and get started! You food will be to you by the weekend. You can start that very day or if you are more of a "Monday" start individual you can keep them until Monday and then start bright and early.

Still feel like you need help or have more questions?