Another Tuesday is here friends!

Are you still stuck in the same rut? Nothing has changed since the week before? Maybe you haven't even really considered the idea of transformation.

Change is a scary thing for humans. It is facing the unknown that scares us the most! You know what it feels like to be overweight, you know what it feels like to be disappointed at the way your life has transpired. You know what it's like to feel "unhealthy" or maybe out of control. What you don't know is what change feels like. What is on the other side? Have you even considered this?

GET THIS FRIENDS...95% of people who set out to lose weight do not succeed. Why?? Because they do not have the proper tools, knowledge and support needed to get the job done. The door at our west Seneca location is for all of you who have tried and failed. CHANGE STARTS HERE. When you walk through the doors of either of our locations you will be changed forever. Come in with an open mind, an open ear and maybe even a note pad because you will leave with the knowledge, tools and support you need to SUCCEED.

I am prod to say that I have a 98% SUCCESS rate for long term weight loss with individuals who are dedicate to the cause. The 2% were not lost because I gave up on them, they gave up on themselves. YOU CAN DO THIS, WE CAN HELP.

Let this #transformationtuesday be the day that you decided you are ALL IN. Stop in today, call us, send us an email. JUST DO IT.


CEO of 95 Nutrition