First and foremost if you are even thinking about enrolling at a gym you should be proud of yourself. That is a great step in the right direction for your health. Here are some quick tips that can help ease the anxiety of taking that first step!

  1. Do your research- Social media is a beautiful thing. You can get an inside glimpse of many gym facilities right from your computer. Find one that fits your budget and appeals to you. Then check reviews.
  2. Schedule a visit to your top 3 gyms- After you have made a list of your top 3 gyms give them a call and take the time to schedule a visit. You can pick up a lot of useful information from visiting a gym. The layout, the cleanliness, the vibe and the friendliness of the staff . Weigh all these factors when making your selection. 
  3. Dive in - Once you have made your choice, DIVE IN! Don’t over think it. A common misconception of people who regularly frequent the gym is that they are “mean, cold, judgmental”. Clear these thoughts right out of your head. Most individuals at the gym are there for a very specific reason, to better themselves physically and mentally therefore they are “in the zone”. Don’t expect the gym to be a social hour. Put on your favorite music and get to work. This is YOU time.
  4. Your insecurities are in your own head- If you are overweight and feel insecure about going to a gym just know that the people around you are not judging you they are silently supporting you. Anyone inside of a gym has the common goal of bettering themselves. There is NO SHAME in that game. Keep your head up and know that you are there for YOU. Who cares what anyone else thinks!
  5. Don’t give up- Even if you felt completely overwhelmed on your first couple visits keep coming back! It will get better because you will get better with practice.