You may be currently searching for a meal prep service to help make life easier, lose weight or maybe you just hate cooking. Comparing and contrasting services can be over whelming so we figured we would tell you a little bit more about what makes #team95 so different!

We Make our own food

Every meal served here at 95 Nutrition was made from scratch in kitchen from start to finish. The recipes are created by the owner (Lindsey) and executed by her Head Chef and staff. Why is this so important? Because we take pride in what we do here! Every meal that is plated is under the watchful eyes of a staff that truly cares about the brand. Come on into our Grand Island location and you can see right into our kitchen! The best food is made with love and pride. Let us show you the difference.

Our Menu Changes Weekly

That is correct. EVERY SINGLE WEEK a new menu launches. This keeps you interested! With 6-7 main menu items, 2-3 Breakfast options and 5-6 dessert options their is always something to look forward to here at 95. We did find one down side…If you REALLY love a dish you may not see it again for up to 6 weeks! Don’t worry! That gives you the opportunity to fall in love with another.

You Choose your own food

Every week you place an order with 95 Nutrition you are able to select exactly what you would like. If you want to eat all pizza longs for the week that is fine by us! If you dislike a dish you can opt out of getting that dish. The choice is yours here at 95!

We deliver our food Frozen so that you can enjoy it FRESH!

When we developed 95 Nutrition we set our sites on being the most professional and “food safe” meal prep service in town…that is why we freeze our food for you. The FDA advises that meats are not good for any longer than 3-4 days in your refrigerator. Since 95 Nutrition does not use processed meats we freeze them so that you are able to keep a full weeks worth of meals in your home without risking food born illnesses.
Reheating is EASY! Just let your meals thaw naturally in the refrigerator and they will be ready and fresh. Just heat them up in 2-3 minutes in your microwave and you are ready to go!

We are here for you!

Really we are! Any questions you may have about our service, how to lose weight, when to eat, how many calories you should be having, what time to go to bed, how much water to drink…the list could go on forever! We are here! Send us an email, call us, text us.

We are here for you. Buffalo and Rochester's #1 meal prep service!