It really grinds my gears when people say they are overweight (or even worse- BIG BONED) because of genetics. Spoiler alert- that's a load of crap! Is it genetics, or HABIT!

There are plenty of cases where you can see trends in families that everyone has a similar shape, everyone is overweight, and a lot of the same health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes 'run in the family'. While there are a small handful of cases where you are actually DIAGNOSED with diabetes or insulin resistance from birth, most health issues arise as a result from lifestyle choices. If both parents in a family are overweight, they naturally do not have good eating habits, and pass that along to their children. It should not be a surprise that the children grow up overweight and also will have a lot of the same health issues that the parents have. This cycle is usually multi-generational.

I know first hand the pressure a family can give you if you are at a 'traditional Italian family dinner' to


That's not all you're having!

Come on, have some more!

You better not offend Grandma! But what is a worse offense, refusing second portions and desert, or literally making yourself more unhealthy and sick? This is how a lot of older generations were raised, along with 'always clear your plate'. Most of us are brought up this way, but this is what got you unhealthy in the first place! When this is how things are from a young age, you can see how families will trend together.

Sometimes the hardest thing is the pressure you can get from your family. And a lot of families members might not be in the mindset you are and will resist you because they don't understand, or may have their own insecurities of their own. This is something you may not necessarily want to hold against them, but STAND UP AND BREAK THE CYCLE! You can lose the weight, you can get healthy, and in many of our clients cases, come off of blood pressure and diabetes medications too IF you are consistent enough.

As always, I am not saying go off the deep end. Implement a sustainable and flexible plan and you will be successful. Tell your family what you're doing. Tell them how good our meals are, and try to get them on board! Break the unhealthy cycle and get healthy!