If you've been in the 'game' long enough, you will start to see trend and fads diets fade away and eventually reappear, just like bell bottoms and high rise jeans. High carb, low carb, high fat, 40/30/30 Mediterranean, Atkins, keto, paleo, carb cycling, flexible dieting, the list goes on. So which one is best?

Whichever one you stick with!

Virtually any 'diet' will have pros and cons. I personally don't like labeling ANY way of eating as unsustainable, because if you have the will power you can do anything you want. There are a couple very basic things to consider.

1 - Will this actually help me lose weight and more importantly, BE HEALTHY?

2 - Can I continue to eat this way and be happy?

Almost any diet will work in the short term. Any type of calorie restriction will cause an immediate 5-10 pound drop in the first 2 weeks, usually mostly water weight from limiting carbs. The real key is this something that is sustainable? I talk about this all the time because I feel this ultimately is the most important thing to consider.

Think about it like this- would you rather go on a super strict eating plan and drop 13 pounds in the first month, feel depleted, lethargic, miserable, and end up after a couple more weeks stopping totally and ending back at the same weight you started with?


Follow a balanced meal plan, lose 9 pounds the first month, feel amazing, have more energy, continue losing weight (which will taper off losing slower the less you have to lose, at 6 pounds month 2, and 5 pounds month 3. That's 20 pounds lost losing it slightly slower, but feeling great in the process and having a better overall quality of life. This is why we structure our food the way we do. You're eating fat. You're eating carbs. You're eating garbage plates and pancakes. But every is balanced to support recovery from workouts, healthy blood sugar levels, and controlled enough with calories to lose weight and feel good. You can eat cookie dough bites and lose weight. That is healthy for both the body and the mind.

We need to think long term. Yes we all want to lose weight pronto, but any plan that will have you taking steps backward or negatively impacting your mental well being? Yo yo dieting or simply dieting too hard in any plan can really make you develop a bad mindset and unhealthy relationship with food, as well as potentially destroy long term progress and psychologically dig yourself into a deep hole.

Live happy. Love your food. Love your body. Live with balance. Come in today and see how we can help.