If you follow 95 Nutrition and what our philosophy is on weight loss then you would know that I am not personally a fan of the "Keto Diet". With that being said I would like to be completely transparent (and biased LOL) about the pros & cons of using this diet for weight loss. Now if you are "Keto" by Doctors orders then by all means Keto away!


1. Rapid Fat loss (I hate even admitting this)- Research has shown that if you do not provide your body carbs, your body will be forced to adapt by using body fat for fuel. Will you feel great a couple weeks in? NO. Will it work while you maintain the diet? Yes

...Well we got that list out of the way quick!


1. Difficult to follow - Google search "Keto diet" and see just how many different variations and rules you can find about this diet. Who do you trust? Which do you believe? Who has the time to calculate the Fat, Carb and protein ratios for EVERY SINGLE meal during the day?? Sounds a bit too time consuming for me!

2. FATS! FATS! FATS! - So what your saying is I can go to Burger King and order a Baconator without the bun and be well within the limits of my diet? This is notion far too common for "keto dieters". All Fats are created equal right? WRONG. You must consume "healthy fats" that are low in saturated fat, most people leave this part out of the equation.

3. No Long term success - So long as you can stay "keto" you will continue to see the results but don't you dare stop or you will fall right off the wagon. When you finally do fall off you have now built an unhealthy relationship with Carbs. They have been a dirty fantasy of yours for the past month. Now you must binge and bask in the glory of how amazing they taste. Two weeks later you've gained all the weight back. Vicious cycle.

4. The "Keto Flu" - This reason enough should have you running far away from this diet program. FLU?! Yes (some not all) Keto dieters have reported "Flu like symptoms" nausea, diarrhea and headaches, in their first weeks of the diet program as their body struggles to adjust.

Well Friends, I hope this article helped to scared you away from Keto dieting. Weight loss can be achieved simply by "calories in versus calories out." If you are burning off more calories than you consume via food and drink, then you will lose weight – regardless of the ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats that you adopt. Stop the suffering and start enjoying the foods you love (CARBSSSSS) by using 95 Nutrition.