Written By: Sarah Fredettes

The New Year, it’s often a fresh start, a clean slate, the time where we begin again or begin something new. This year maybe you’ve set your sights on losing the weight, getting back on track with how you fuel your body, or starting on a path of better nutrition habits. 

No matter what the goal may be, there is power and courage in taking action on becoming more, stepping into the best version of who you are able to be. The path of growth and change is what makes shift happen, it’s where you create something new, something more, in yourself and in your life.

This New Year challenge yourself to let go of the expectations and instead set your attention on what you want to have happen and be all for it.

Be all for it, be all in and by that I don’t mean being perfect or meeting every expectation you have for yourself. By being all in I want you to make a commitment to yourself on this journey. A commitment to stay when things becoming difficult or you want to give up, to come back to all the reasons you wanted to make this change when things seem too hard, and if you do find yourself off track or fall short of an expectation to be willing to begin again, over and over. 

Commitment, being all in to create change, to build a solid foundation for new habits is not rooted in perfection but the willingness you to show up and do the work not just when things feel perfect and full of ease, but when you’re faced with a challenge or presented with a situation that wants to pull you off track.

Right now you’re presented with a new year that holds the opportunities you’ve been longing for to create the transformation you want. Own it. Choose it. Be ALL in.

You are ready NOW.