Hey Friends!

Missed you all last week and I’m sorry! This national crisis has been extremely draining on everyone physically and mentally and I just needed to take a week off. The picture you see to the left has been most of our lives for the past 2 weeks. Couch potatoes, depressed, unsettled....SCARY times here in America. Now that this whole “quarantine life” has become the new normal I guess it’s time to settle in and face the changes. I will be honest… In the first 4 days I was an absolute mess. SNACKING morning noon and night, Eating meals outside of the 95 program, sweet treats… you name it I was eating it. LIKE WHYYYY???? I worked so hard to lose this weight and to jeopardize it for “stress eating??" Well, I can’t say I regret it and I can’t say that I actually cared when I was doing it. Sometimes you just get into this “F-it” mindset. Like whatever, I’m just going to do what I want and I’m not here to tell you that it’s not okay. IT IS OKAY to unravel in a time like this but what isn’t okay is carrying on and on. After a couple of days I realized that I absolutley cannot keep going on like this. Not just because I will gain weight, but because it’s just NOT healthy.

I don’t want to sit here and lecture everyone …well you know I can’t help myself so here we go! The stress eating & excessive snacking have to get under control. If you cannot get ahold you are currently building habits that will be incredibly hard to break once life resumes to “Normal” and we all know that has to happen eventually. You absolutely CANNOT say “F-it” and just go off indefinitely until things level out.. why?? 1. Because you’ll gain weight you’ll regret. 2. Because it is going to be VERY hard to turn it around.
Don’t fool yourself and think that as soon as we can leave the house again that you will just miraculously put down the snacks.

Okay, that was my public service announcement. Take it from me, I GET IT. I was off the wagon for several days but at some point you have to reel it in. Do it this week. Flash forward to this past week… I have been much better! I started back on my 95 meals and cut wayyyy back on the snacking. I have also been using my additional “quarantine time” to start jogging outside. (Which sucks btw LOL) I haven’t jogged outside in about a year because of pregnancy. EVERY single muscle in my legs hurt and my knees were killing me BUT I took it slow and didn't give up. Anytime we have somewhat acceptable weather I hit the road outside to clear my head. It Really does help.

So here is the update on my weight loss… I DID IT. I OFFICIALLY LOST “the baby weight” 3 days ago I weighed in at 157 lbs which was the last official weight I logged before I found out I was pregnant.  It took me almost exactly 4 months to lose 30 lbs. I would like to say that It was a breeze but you all know that I have had my ups and downs. The fist month after having Melania I didn’t even TRY to workout nor diet to lose weight. I think this was a good decision for me personally because I dedicated that entire month to welcoming our daughter. Then you all know that I “announced my weight loss journey” to you all and completely blew it the first 2 weeks ????????‍♀️.
So here I am friends! Back to pre-baby weight even during these hard times in America I still figured out how to make it happen. Sometimes I wonder who reads these and If someone out there has been following my journey since day 1 and still wants to lose weight. LISTEN TO ME NOW. I promise you I am not even close to perfect. My workouts are half assed and I make mistakes all the time but I KEEP GOING and that is the difference between WINNING and giving up. You CAN lose weight. You CAN achieve a body you are proud of. You just have to get started.

Onto the blog photo. IRONICALLY when I woke up for that epic weigh-in my husband had decorated the bathroom mirror with all sorts of affirmations for me because of how stressed I have been.???? I literally cannot make this up. I got up, saw the mirror full of positive thoughts and then weighed in at my goal!! LIKE WHAT?! What a moment of bliss during this uncertain time. Am I done losing weight? No... I have some tweaks to make for sure, but I have reached goals that I was uncertain I could reach on day 1.

Here are my final thoughts for this week…Use this time we are given away from “society” to refocus. If you want it bad enough you will make it happen. Quarantine or not. Gym or not. You can do this. Ready to get started? We can help.

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