You all know I have always been overly honest with you all and that’s why I hope when I recommend products that you know I have your best interests in mind. There is no magic weight loss pill (or else we would all have reached our weight loss goals) but with that being said if you are already making an effort to eat well, this Lean 5 product will absolutely help AID you in your weight loss journey. 

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that being Hangry is a real thing. You know that hour window right before your next meal when you are trying to hold out just a bit longer?? UGH. I know that feeling from when I was losing my “baby weight”. So how did Lean 5 help me on my weight loss journey?

  1. Appetite suppressant: I used a scoop of Lean 5 right after my breakfast, Lunch or in the evening a few hours after my dinner to help suppress any “hangry feelings”
  2. Hydration: Because lean 5 tastes so good I was able to drink more water during the day. 
  3. Natural Metabolism boost: With natural fat burning ingredients such as raspberry ketones and decaffeinated green tea extract you are giving your body an extra fat burning boost every time you take a sip!

One of the biggest perks of Lean 5 is it is a weight loss supplement that DOES NOT contain caffeine. This makes it a very versatile product and very valuable to those who are caffeine sensitive. I would have to say that the greatest use I found for this product was my nightly scoop. During my weight loss journey my cravings increased substantially at night. Having that sweet tasting beverage to turn to was a serious relief. Lean 5 definitely saved me from eating a row of cookies or a pint of ice cream along the way (lol). Just for that reason alone I will ALWAYS recommend this product to our customers. 

Remember friends… Weight loss only works if YOU do. Lean 5 will not magically help you lose 5 lbs this week but it will help speed your weight loss journey if you are already on track for success. Questions about this product or weight loss in general? Contact us!