We are down to the FINAL COUNTDOWN for Christmas and I will tell you what… this past week has been BRUTAL when it comes to staying on track and I can imagine that this week will be just as bad, if not worse! I bet most thought I would skip this checkin but like I have said before I want to be as transparent as possible during this journey to show you all the ups and downs. NO WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY IS PERFECT. Say it again with me my friends. In most cases, including mine it is FAR from perfect. YOU will struggle, you will have success, you will be left disappointed at times and surprised at other times. After weighing in this morning I was left surprised.

Now back to where I said this past week was brutal…  don’t get me wrong, I haven't been “suffering” at all this past week but I definitely have had to pick and choose what I can and cannot indulge in. With 2 dinner parties to attend, multiple glasses of red wine AND sneaking a Christmas cookie here and there, I have this week's final results. As a disclaimer I was NOT CONFIDENT when stepping on the scale this morning… Since my very first check in I have vowed to be honest with myself. So I am not going to sit here and pretend like I did “no wrong”. I am not going to get off the scale and act like a victim “How  dare the scale say that! I did my best.” Because Lord (and myself) knows that I absolutely did NOT. LOL. Again on a more positive note I did stay up on my cardio. 

Ok, ok enough of beating around the bush, let’s cut to the chase,This weeks total weight loss was 2lbs. By no means EPIC results, BUT I made it out of this past week without GAINING weight or remaining stagnant (WHICH IS A HUGE WIN IN MY EYES).

Now I know that these blogs will not convince ANYONE to begin their weight loss journey NOW with only 2 days till the big day, BUT if anything I want you all to keep 95 in mind when you are debating on how to finally lose the weight you have always wanted to in 2020. Back when I founded 95 I wanted to build a meal prep service that empowered men and women to take control of their weight loss and nutrition. When building this weight loss program I wanted to make sure that the program was easy to follow and that would yield LONG term weight loss results. Because let’s face it, most individuals can lose the initial weight, it’s keeping it off long term…year after year…making this “new you” a permanent thing that is the biggest struggle. 

I am wishing you all the merriest of Christmases and the happiest holidays. PLEASE ENJOY YOURSELVES over the next week. I will check in with you all on December 30th right before the NEW YEAR! I hope that my journey thus far will help empower you to start your journey January 1st. I would be honored if myself and my team are your 1st choice for weight loss this upcoming year. As always, If you have ANY questions leading up to the big day please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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