In the past 365 days I found out I was pregnant, grew my little human, gave birth to her, rebuilt my relationship with food, got back into the swing of working out and lost 27 pounds of “baby weight”. PHEW! Okay, got that all in! I think today I needed to focus on the ENTIRE journey as a whole rather than just the weight loss part of this. What a wild ride. The day I found out I was pregnant I said “I’m not going to gain more than 20 lbs. Mental toughness right? Just say “no” to the cravings. Hahah! J/K this struggle Is REAL, just as real as the struggle afterwards to lose the weight you have gained.

Being “mentally in” on your weight loss journey is (in my opinion) more difficult than the actually diet and exercise. Now I REALLY feel like anyone with an “out of control diet” can relate to this (pregnant or not)

Deciding to stop eating “whatever you want, when you want” is strictly a mental decision between you and your brain’s willpower. You can SAY you want to do better all you want but, actually applying the laws of self control is a different story entirely. That takes a whole new level of “self-control”. Definitely one that I was lacking during my pregnancy which lead me to gain 35 lbs.

Flash forward to today where everything that I put in my mouth outside of my 95 Nutrition meals is a legit mental struggle. A decision I have to make many times daily… Is this snack or wine or dessert MORE important than my weight loss results??? MOST of the time I decide to pass, after all I REALLY want my body back but, every now and then I have the “screw it” mindset. I was feeling a little down this week about just how long it has taken me to lose this much weight and that I still am about 5-10 lbs away from any body that would make me happy… sooooo I decided to be positive and tell myself 5 things I am proud of myself for. I encourage you to do the same this week….

  1. Deciding mentally to Lose weight after pregnancy
  2. Not letting my weight loss destroy my happiness
  3. TRUSTING THE PROCESS…even when I have had SEVERAL weeks where I lost nothing.
  4. Not letting “the easy way out” win. I could have just continued on my path of destruction postpartum… after all society would embrace it
  5. Being proud of this balancing act that I perform on a daily basis! Caring for Melania, running my company & finding time to workout is Tough!!

The moral of the story today is to reflect on the entire journey you have embarked on my friends. You are not a summary of the past week you experienced… you are a sum of the good weeks, the bad weeks, the weeks you gained weight, the weeks you stayed the same and frankly you should be damn proud that EVERY WEEK you decided not to give up. Do I want to throw in the towel… sometimes (I won’t lie) But I need you to have the mindset that doesn’t allow you to give up until your goal is reached. 150lbs here I come! It may take me another 3 months but you know what??? I will get there.


Start weight 11/14/19- 187 lbs - 1 month PP

Current weight 3/8/20- 160 lbs - 4.5 months PP

Average weight lost per week: 1.74 lbs

New Goal weight: 150—10 lbs to go!!