Written By: Sarah Fredette

Life is not a straight line, it’s an ebb and flow, and there are bound to be instances, circumstances, and situations where discomfort and stress arise and retreating back to old habits, ways of thinking, and ways of coping without discipline are easy to fall back in to.

As those instances arise (because they will) take inventory of the thoughts and actions that you gravitate to. Take note of what they are and choose to disrupt the drift, doing something different, something new. That choice is where you hold the power and the ability to be in creation of the changes you want to have happen.

If you take a moment to truly think about it, have those thoughts and actions been empowering or defeating to what you are striving to be in creation of accomplishing? More than likely, they’ve been taking you off course, setting you back, or placing you in the realm of what you deem as failure.

These moments are your opportunity to take hold of your power and make a choice. Choose something new. Choose the thoughts and actions that align with the success of being the best version of who you want to be. The person you imagine you could be, that you want so badly to be, you can, if you’re willing to step outside of what’s comfortable to arise to creating something new as commitment to yourself.

Progress is all relative. It’s not just numbers or images, but the new version of who you have become in what you choose when the challenges of daily life arise.

This is a reminder. You will have thoughts, feelings, and circumstances, but you are not your thoughts, feelings, or circumstances, and you don’t have to be defined by them.

You hold the power. You have the choice. So disrupt business as usual and be up to something bigger.