Written by: Ricky Rinallo

When it comes to building muscle and recovery sleep is one of the most important factors. That is why 5% Nutrition designed a product  Drink Sleep Grow that optimizes sleep so you get the best results for the hard work you put it. 5% added a 6g BCAA mix of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine to DSG. The Leucine in DSG is time released throughout the whole night. You may asking why is this so important? For muscles to grow and get stronger you need “M-tor” to occur inside the muscle.

This occurs when your body receives an adequate amount of Leucine, which activates “M-tor” to turn on resulting in the process of muscle growth. So by this occurring throughout the whole night your body will be going through protein synthesis from when you fall asleep to when you wake up! Drink Sleep Grow was also designed to help with Human Growth Hormone release throughout the night. This blend contains L- Glutamine, which aids in muscle recovery and also reduces stress levels. Added to that there is L-Dopa and GABA which occurs in the brain and will help increase dopamine levels to help the brain function at a higher state.

With these three ingredients added together it allows your body to have lower stress levels, increased dopamine levels which will allow for human growth hormone to be released resulting in muscle growth and recovery to occur throughout the night. This product DSG also contains blends of MSM and Glucosamine for joint support for those hard workouts. As well as a blend of Essential Aminos to speed the process of protein synthesis and muscle growth. If you’re looking to get the best results for those long hours and hard work you dedicate to the gym you’re definitely going to want to check this product out! Available at all four of store!

Stack with 5% Nutrition Knock the F*** Out for enhanced sleep levels and recovery. Stop into any four locations to check this product out!

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