Written By: Ricky Rinallo

Gat Sports has designed a BCAA formula that is completely fermented from plants. Not only has GAT brought one of the highest quality BCAA to the market of plant based supplements but also delivers amazing candy like flavors for this product. They have added 7 grams of the most essential BCAA with a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine for the most optimal muscle support.

Leucine: Gat has added 3.5g of this BCAA to help increase the amount of protein synthesis that occurs in the muscles. Leucine is one of the key components in activating mTor which is going to kick start protein synthesis as well as activate muscle cell growth.

Isoleucine: With 1.75g of Isoleucine you will notice your body is going to have increased performance throughout your workout but also have a much speedier recovery when it comes to post workout. This is because this amino is responsible for aiding in muscle tissue repair which is crucial because during exercise we’re breaking down the muscle, so in order to see muscle growth we need to supply our muscles with the amino acid Isoleucine to aid in repairing the broken down muscle.

Valine: 1.75g of valine is very beneficial in this product because Valine plays a huge role in producing energy within your muscles during exercise. Valine supplies your muscles with extra glucose during your workout giving your the muscular endurance to push past your limits but at the same time prevent your muscle from breaking down too much so your muscles can repair faster post workout. Valine is also responsible for aiding in Cognitive function which can keep you focused during your workout. This Amino acid cannot be produced in the body so it is crucial to supply your body with Valine.

Coconut water powder and Potassium: Gat Sport has added in these two ingredients to help increase overall output during exercise. Coconut water is going to hydrate the body more efficiently than water believe it or not. Then, potassium is added to prevent any type of muscle cramping that can occur during exercise.  

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