When it comes to a long day but you still need to hit the gym or workout, it can be very easy to say “I have no energy” or “i'll go tomorrow”. Well, that won't be the case after getting your hands on Repp Sports Broken Arrow. This high stimulant pre workout will have you feeling like you can conquer anything! With over 14 actives ingredients Repp Sports was not shy with the dosing of this product. Lets list the 4 main ingredients that will take your workout to the next level...

6 Grams Citrulline: These 6 grams will convert to Arginine in your body increasing Nitric Oxide production. Nitric Oxide is going to increase blood flow to your muscles from the bloodstream giving you a greater pump and more fuller look. As well as supplying your muscle with more oxygen to push through limits.

3.2 Gram Beta Alanine: These 3.2 grams are going to help prevent muscle fatigue throughout your workout. This ingredient is going to reduce the buildup of lactic acid which inhibits athletic performance so with beta alanine you will notice more energy and greater performance throughout your workout. (This is what gives you those tingle pins and needles feeling)

350mg Caffeine: Repp Sports has added 350mg of caffeine that is fast acting so you only need to consume about 15 minutes before your workout before you're ready to crush your goals!

150mg DMHA: This is a mental stimulant that is going to activate your brain to focus and have clarity throughout your whole workout. This will help you put your head down and focus on every exercise, rep, or activity you’re performing giving you maximum output!

This product comes in four amazing flavors and is available at all of our stores.

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