Summer is coming and if you want to look your best it’s time to jump on board with 95 Nutrition. It may not seem like it now but our favorite season here in Buffalo is just 12 weeks away. Wouldn’t it be nice to lose 30 pounds before you slide into those summer shorts?!

Here is why you should choose us to help you lose the weight this year.

Why choose 95 for weight loss?

Sustainable long term weight loss - Here at 95 we don’t starve our customers thin. We teach them to eat less while still enjoying all the foods they love. This leads to long term health habits that keep the weight off for good!

Fully prepared meals - There is no “guess work” here at 95. You eat our meals 7 days a week and you WILL lose weight. No grocery shopping, no cooking, no weighing food, no macro counting. It really is THAT EASY.

Affordable price point - With meals as low as $5 You can reach your weight loss goals for as little as $15-20 a day! The average weekly grocery bill is $120 a week and let’s be honest…How much of that are you throwing away??!! There is NO FOOD WASTE here. Every week that you don’t jump on board is 2-3 pounds you could have lost! Think of it that way and you’ll become more motivated to take the first step. 30lbs by June 1st is an EXCELLENT goal for many. Get started by placing your order online TODAY or visit us in store at any of our 8 locations.