There’s a quote “the words you speak create the house you live in” because when it comes down to it our words, our thoughts, and our actions hold significant power in the way we show up to our lives.

We have goals or dream that our hearts are set on, things we would like to achieve or accomplish, but all too often we play it small and hold ourselves back because of the thought patterns we’ve built into our self-talk which in turn creates the foundation of our beliefs on what we are capable of.

You are enough and fully capable of achieving everything you desire right now. You have everything you need.

Today take a moment to be in inquiry around the thoughts patterns that hold you back from taking the endeavor on the journey of fulfilling everything you envision for the best version of who strive to be.

Start here:

What are the thoughts that are arise and in turn hold you back from beginning on the path you want to be walking on? Write them down. See them. Know that they are just thoughts. Not reality. Let them go.

Take a moment to examine where they are being sourced from. Why do these thoughts become present when I strive for something more in my life and for myself? When you uncover the reason you then have access to take control of the situation and know that the thoughts beneath the surface, while they may be heavily present, hold no bearing to stop you from pursuing what it is you are looking to achieve and with time and consistency will lose the weight and power they once had.

Create something new and be open to possibility. You have the power in any given moment to change the words and thoughts that you allow to be forefront in your mindset. It’s a letting go of the thoughts that don’t serve what you’re trying to be up to and connecting and giving attention to thoughts, words, and actions that align with powerful self-talk and beliefs about what you are more than capable of.

You have never been more ready than you are in this moment to start on the journey of the goals and version of who you aspire to be. They are available to you right now if you are to choose something different, be open to the possibility of what’s available in creating a shift and a different way of thinking.

YOU are in complete control, you are ready NOW, and you already have EVERYTHING you need.

Know that, start now, begin again when you need to, and stop holding back.