Carbs are a big part of everyone’s day whether that may be staying fueled at work, carb loading for the gym or sports, muscle/weight gaining or simply just meeting your macros for the day. That is why 5% Nutrition has designed a complex carb mix made with all real food such as yams, rice, oats, blueberries, and sweet potatoes.

You may be asking why complex carbs? Complex carbs found in this product are going to supply your body with the fiber it needs to slow down digestion when consumed which will tell your body to use these type of carbs as energy rather than storing them as fat!

Complex Carbs also have a very low glycemic index which is crucial for controlling blood sugar! When people consume high amount of carbs there is a risk if they are not all complex carbs; this can cause a spike in your body's insulin which can cause blood pressure to rise to undesirable levels. However, that is not the case with this product “Real carbs” prevent your blood pressure from raising which in return also will prevent these complex carbs from turning into fat and force them to be used as fuel/energy!

Everyone is different and has different goals and needs; but with this “real carbs” product you may use this product universally whether you’re on the go and need to meet macros or trying to carb load for big game/gym lift, this product will work for you! With amazing taste and great flavors that you can drink straight or mix into protein powder, we highly recommend you stop on out to any of our 4 locations to give this product a shot!

(Stack with All Day You May BCAA for additional muscle/health support. Also available at any of our 4 locations)

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