So, are you in to high stimulants, insane energy, focus, and pumps in the gym? You must of said yes cause you’re still reading. Blackstone Labs has designed a pre workout that is one of the most powerful ever created with all the right stuff!

  1. 4g Citrulline: Citrulline helps your body create Nitric Oxide which dilates your blood vessels to receive the maximum amount of blood into your muscle and increase vascularity. These 4g of Citrulline will be shuttling blood in your muscles the whole workout from start to finish, As well as supplying oxygen and nutrients enhancing the pump even more!
  2. 1g Agmatine Sulfate: This ingredient prevents your body from breaking down arginine which is originally citrulline from breaking down in your muscle and not doing its job. So this makes the 4g of Citrulline even more effective to your workout and making your muscle much more dense.
  3. 350mg Caffeine: Blackstone Labs has added a high dose of fast acting caffeine that you’re going to feel kick in right off the bat making it easy to be ready to workout at your hardest even on days you feel like you have zero energy.
  4. 150mg DMHA: Is the mental trigger you’re going to never get enough of. This stimulant is going to stimulate your mind giving you intense focus and clarity throughout your workout to help push through those grueling sessions.
  5. 2.5g Beta Alanine: This is the tiggly stuff that is going to get your muscle fibers going. This will also prevent the pile up of lactic acid in your muscles while working out reducing fatigue and give you increased stamina.

There you have it, what is not to love about this pre workout by Blackstone Labs! Dust X comes in 4 amazing flavors, pineapple mango, passion fruit, sour gummy bear, and cotton candy! Available at any location.

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