Hey Friends!

Coming to you all on a very wintery Tuesday here in Buffalo NY. I came across a review that a client had left and I couldn't help but share it with you all today.

According to a REAL CUSTOMER of 95...

Here are 4 reasons WHY this works!

1. Multiple locations - 95 Nutrition is in it's 4th year of business and has 4 locations. By the end of 2019 we will have 6 locations across WNY. It is so important for us to expand so that you have a healthy meal option close by! We have seen that people are willing to chose a healthier food option if it is readily available so it is our duty to make sure we are always close to our customers.

2. No Guesswork - We handle EVERYTHING here for you at 95. You'll never have to wonder "Am I eating too much?" "Am I eating too little?" "Did I have too many carbs today" RELAX, We have got you covered. All you have to do to succeed is eat our meals.

3. Plenty of Variety - If you have tired to meal prep at home you know you are in for the same 3 things, day in and day out. By week 3 you literally cannot fathom eating chicken ever again. Don't worry our menu changes WEEKLY. This means you will feel like you are eating at a different restaurant every single week. With over 135 different menu items in rotation you will never get bored here with #Team95

4. Save Money - Yes, this is absolutely true, and has been confirmed by MANY customers. I know I am guilty of the "I'll cook it tomorrow" and then you end up throwing the meat/produce 4 days later because it expired. UGH. We always have the best intentions, until life get a hold of us. I can't even think of all the money I have thrown right in the garbage over the years :( With 95's meals you never have to worry about waste. They are stored in your freezer until you need them :)

PREACH Crissy!! That you so much for the honesty.

Something that really humbles me here at 95 is our customers willingness to write meaningful & helpful reviews. I can't thank you all enough for sharing your experiences with our community. Your honest words help others find their way into our doors ,so that they too can change for the better.