Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Americans are busier than ever and finding time to meal prep can be a challenge. Most Americans save their grocery shopping and meal preparation for Sunday afternoons, as that may be the only free time they have in the entire week!

Anyone who meal preps knows the time, efforts and cost that go into this weekly event. Tacking the crowded grocery store, waiting in line, keeping organized (to make sure you don’t forget something important) driving it all home and lugging the bags into the house. After all that you are NOW just getting started! Fire up that kitchen because you are going to be cooking for the next 2-3 hours. When that is all said and done you are left with a sink full of dishes. (ROLLING EYES) I mean who really enjoys the dishes…

TIME INVESTED: 5-6 hours
COST: $120-$150 per week

STOP THE MADNESS. TAKE YOUR #SUNDAYFUNDAY back! Try 95 nutrition for just one week and we are confident you will be back. 95 Nutrition takes all of the work and guesswork out of meal prep. We provide you with delicious portion-controlled meals that are fully cooked. That means all you have to do is select the meal you would like to eat and warm it to your desired temperature.

TIME INVESTED: 2-3 minutes ordering on our website
Cost: $75-$140 per week
With a WEEKLY changing menu and the ability to select exactly what you want…This decision is a “no brainer”. Try it. We dare you.