Weight loss. What an intimidating word. 68% of Americans “need to lose weight”. BUT HOW? Maybe you recently went to your doctor and you were slapped with a “Obesity” label on your file. That’s a traumatizing moment, especially for women. Like “Yah I Know I am, Thanks for the reminder doc!” You now leave the office with absolutely ZERO tools or knowledge as to how to take on this weight loss. So what do you do? You hit the internet for the next “fad diet” that you are going to try next. You spend time comparing each “diet plan” and narrow it down to 2 that you feel are the LEAST painful of the 5 you may have been looking at. THEN BAM! YOU COME ACROSS 95 Nutrition. Burgers, wraps, pasta and desserts? What is this place?? I need to see more!

Flash forward to now.

Maybe for this reason you have come across us! Hi, allow me to formally introduce us! We are #Team95 and we are here to help guide you thought this exciting (and at times difficult) journey. 95 Nutritio#n wants to show individuals that healthy weight loss can be obtained through portion control of all of your favorite foods! We are here to wage war on “fad and starvation diet methods” that lead you down the road to failure.

Sounds too good to be true huh? Well yes and no. Following our portion controlled program is EASY, you just have to be honest with yourself (and us) when it comes to eating outside of the program. Our meals are hand crafted to provide you the maximum quality food and taste packed into each meal. For this reason, you should not be eating anything out side of the program unless it is a protein shake with water.

Our average woman loses 1-2lbs per week and males lose 3-5lbs per week (without excersise). Now I know this may not seem a lot compared to programs saying 5-10lbs… but keep in mind we are setting you up for LONG TERM SUCCESS. When you leave our program you will be able to function as a normal American; go out to eat, cook on the weekends, enjoy life and food through portion control.

Want to lean more? Send us an email, Give us a call! This is your week! We are offering 20% off to new client- yah…you don’t want to miss this. You know what? I dare you to try us for just one week. You won’t be disappointed. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to guid you! See and taste the difference for yourself.