I get it. The struggle is real. It is real for EVERYONE, including myself. Whether you are trying to lose 5 lbs, 10 lbs or 100 lbs; dedication to the process is KEY. Everyone is going to want “things” along the way that they shouldn’t have. You are HUMAN and you are most definitely NOT alone.

So what do you do when it’s 9pm at night and that pint of ben and Jerry’s in your freezer is calling your name????.... FIRST OFF: WHAT IS IT DOING IN YOUR HOME. hahah GOT YOU! One of my biggest tools for helping clients build “self-discipline” is eradicating the temptations from your home. Do not buy them, do not let people smuggle them into your home and if they already exist in your home remove them. I don't want to hear excuses about it. If you feel awful about throwing out the goodies...bring them to work. (I'm sure your co workers won't mind) I have found that 99% of people will not leave their home at 9pm to drive to the local store and apprehend that treat...so just leave them at the store and not in your home.

Now that we have covered the most important part, back to those thoughts of desperation... Change the way you are viewing these thoughts. Im sure most think, “I really really want that Oreo cookie (or 5) but I can’t have them because I'm on this stupid diet and am trying to lose weight AGAIN and it will probably never work ( like last time) so I should just have them... STOP THE NEGATIVITY!! Think of it this way... “I could have that treat but I am very dedicated to changing my body for good. This time is different... The ice cream can wait” See the difference? YOU have the power in the last sentence, you are not a prisoner to your diet, you are empowered by it. You are in control of your life, not that pint of ice cream.

BOOM! MIND BLOWN. Just like that.

On that note... here at 95 Nutrition we totally understand the struggle. We have plenty of delicious treats in store that can help take the edge off on this journey. Stop in store and speak with one of our team members about our protein bars, protein ice cream or cheat clean items :) We are here to help every step of the way. I mean that.