In life we must recognize that we just can’t have it all. This or that is a question we must answer several times daily we just don’t take time to think about it. When it comes to weight loss I find that one of the biggest setbacks people feel right off the bat is “What if I can’t make it do the gym”. Well, this is one of my FAVORITE this or that’s to debunk. Who’s more successful at weight loss…

THIS PERSON: I go to the gym for 1 hour a day 5 days a week. I don’t really count calories because the only reason I go to the gym is so that I can eat what I want! The gym will keep me from gaining weight.

THAT PERSON; I have no time to go to the gym and if I did it’s just not something that interests me. I count my steps and try to stay as active as possible during the day. I stick to my diet very well and rarely “fall off”

So, who is more successful at losing weight? ALWAYS the person who is following their diet strictly. I used to be that person who was a religious gym goer (6-7 times a week) and when I went I worked HARD... I never could seem to lose weight however. WHY? Because I would come home from the gym and eat a half of a box of cereal. What a waste of my time. You see… I had the discipline to hit the gym but I had NO self control over my diet.

Postpartum I knew I would not have time to be the “Gym rat” I once was so my focus shifted to diet. I lost 35lbs is 6 months strictly through sticking to my 95 Nutrition meals. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a perfect 6 month journey. I had my ups and downs but the overall trend was DOWN.

Long story short. If you have to pick THIS OR THAT I would pick THAT all day long. The gym is not what is holding you back from your goal weight or ideal body image it is YOUR WILL POWER over food. Control your diet & your diet alone and you will succeed.

SIDE NOTE: This blog is not asking you to settle. You know I always come to you from a “realistic mindset” You need to know what season of your life you are in. If you are up for the challenge you can ALWAYS combine both exercise and a strict diet together to get optimal results but if that’s not in the cards right now focus on DIET.

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