Lifting weights used to be part of my daily routine, in fact I would barley ever do cardio. Since I started this postpartum weight loss journey I have been more focused on the cardio aspect rather than weight lifting. Being that I have plateaued pretty hard the past 2 weeks I decided it was time for a change. I am a FIRM believer that you cannot keep doing the same routine and expecting the same results. What HAD been working for me is no longer as effective as it was before and I’ll be damned if it’s going to take me another 10+ weeks to lose the rest of this weight because it is only coming off 1 pound at a time now. So I have decided to reintroduce weight lifting into my daily routine.

I started really getting back into it on Wednesday with a very light leg workout and HOLY SHIT I am sore!!!! Like the kind of sore that is crippling. Like you don’t want to go pee because that would require you to squat. HA! Since I have been out of the weight lifting game for almost a year now I would consider myself a beginner all over again and GOD I FORGOT HOW MUCH THIS SUCKS. Legit so sore. Like muscles I didn’t even know existed hurt… I’m not even over exaggerating… do your armpits have muscles? Because that shit hurts too! I have a funny feeling many are reading this and laughing because you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Getting back into (or even starting for the first time) weight training is NOT EASY.

I had said in my very first week of successful weight loss that I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the “epic” weight loss results coming week after week, that eventually I would plateau and I feel like I have reached that dreaded point. The only thing I can do is start intensifying my workouts and stay committed to the meal plan. This is when shit gets dark for most (including myself). The moment that the scale stops tell you “Good Job Lindsey!” and it starts slapping you in the face every morning with the sammmmeeee number. This is when you absolutley HAVE TO trust the process. This is when pictures and body measurements come into play. This is when you absolutely cannot throw in the towel.

Let me elaborate. This past week I managed to lose 1 pound and I didn’t lose any the week prior so my head was ready to spin off. Like WTH?? Well I took my waist measurement and I am down to a 28. Only 1 inch until I am back at my Pre-pregnany waist size! (Now if you are wondering how that is even possible when I still have 10+ lbs to go? Well it appears I am carrying the weight in my hips and butt.) And while I am on the topic of small success, I was able to wear a dress to a birthday party this weekend that the buttons would have popped off of 17 weeks ago so that made me pretty damn happy! Now men just wouldn’t understand how amazing that moment was for me when I was hesitant to put it on because I didn’t want to have to take it off and hang it back up …”maybe next week”, this time I put it on and was pleasantly surprised that IT FIT! I even included a picture from my instagram because you know what? I was feelin' myself!????

For those of you who started your weight loss journey along side of me you might be hitting your plateau point right about now. If you are thinking about starting your journey this day WILL COME and when it does you have to mentally prepare yourself. The scale isn’t the only way to track your weight loss progress, frankly sometimes I wish I would just throw it out because a simple number can instant ruin my confidence for the day. Well I thought I was feeling myself today but you know what? The scale says I am a failure sooooo that’s the end of that! SILLY to read that to myself and think that a scale is going to dictate to me how I will feel that day. In these moments during your journey you need to focus on the positives. My waist is smaller today than it was yesterday AND I fit back into one of my dresses from pre-pregnancy. HUGE WIN this week for me and a huge boost to my confidence. So what if the scale only gave me a pound, I still feel great!

My Birthday is this week. The big 31 is right around the corner. I have a very special dress I picked out and guess what?!? It already fits! Starting this week feeling confident and honestly it's refreshing. Thanks for taking the time to check in with me my friends. Your comments and support mean the world to me. ALWAYS know I will return the love and support.  

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Changes I am making this week

  1. 20 min of weight lifting 5 days a week
  2. 40 min cardio 5 days a week
  3. Trying HARD to drink more water (easier said than done)