How often do you procrastinate on pursuing the thing you want the most?  You create the stories and the excuses of the reasons it’s not obtainable or possible or the justifications of how the timing is not right.

Procrastination is a habitual human habit more than we would like to believe or admit to.  It’s a comfort zone, a place we are safe to fantasize about the things we would like to achieve or fulfill without needing to take action; it leaves us in the place of never ending belief that lacks that actual pure bliss of accomplishment.

If you take a moment to think about it what is REALLY stopping you?  It’s more often than not the thoughts and beliefs you have on repeat, the things you attach to and state over and over again to create disbelief as to what you are actually capable of accomplishing.

But disclaimer to all of the above, you are ready to take action and pursue possibility right now.

Truth be told sometimes we are not even aware of that fact that we are caught in a cycle of playing it small and using procrastination as an out. I recently became present to this cycle in my own life and training. There was a period of time where injuries and lacking the capacity of healthy training in order to compete was an actual daily occurrence, it was real, it was the justification to not step foot on the competition floor. But over time that justification lost its value. As I became healthy and the story of not being in a full state free from injuries became lost its validity it became an excuse.  I was attached to it. If I just recover this a little more, build a little more stability here, make this imbalance a little stronger, then I can compete. Truth is I was ready in that moment to compete, and so many moments prior to that.

No more excuses, I parted ways with procrastination, and registered myself for competition

If you’re on the fence, if you been on the procrastination bandwagon up until now ask yourself this:

What would be possible if you released the excuses and let go of procrastination right now?

What will you give up in order to stay committed to your growth?

What are the possibilities you can create by taking action on all that you want to have happen?

There will never be a perfect time or an ideal time, the right moment or picture perfect scenario. There will only be right now here in this moment, placing your attention on what you want to have happen and being all for it.

Decision time. You ready to be all in? If the answer is YES then click out of this blog and head to our "30 day challenge section" and sign up!! I am so excited to see you transform <3

Written by: Sarah Fredette