Have you ever been in pursuit of something? A goal, something you’ve set out on achieving in the longing to transform, become better. You start out so committed, full force, driven, focused, nothing will take you off the path to success.

Then this thing called life comes into play. You get pulled out of that bubble of passion and drive to achieving and into struggle and resistance. You lose connection to the WHY. The reasons why you started, the thing that prompted you to want this so badly in the first place and it seems inevitable that you’ll never be able to get back on track, to get back to the routine, and in the flow.

Here’s a friendly reminder: to drop that story of failure, of it being impossible to where you want to be, you have complete permission to begin again. Right here, right now. You are under no obligation to be who you were the previous day, or even five minutes ago. Place attention on what you want to have happen and be all in. What would be possible if you just dropped the story and got present to where you are and that you have everything you need.

I’ve always been a committed athlete and in general a committed person when it comes to setting my sights on a goal. I make no excuses when it comes to getting it done, making it happen. I was always the girl who “this is my first priority” I’ll never allow anything to take me of course. I had a routine. I would put in extra work. I would do what it took and more in training to achieve the best performance possible on the platform in competition. Nothing will take me out. I’m undefinable. I was convinced that there would never be anything outside of me that could alter my connection and drive around my passion. That was true, until it wasn’t.

Over the last 6 months I competed in two competitions. They were the two best performances I’ve been had in competition, my last competition being the best performance of my lifting career.

But over the last 6 months I’ve gradually become a person I don’t recognize when it comes to my commitment to training. I’ve allowed things in my life to out shadow and cast out the drive I had, that no waiver level of passion to being the best I could be. My routine dissipated. There was no routine. I let my life run rogue while other things took over my priorities and yes I still completed my training daily, but there was no consistency, no connection to my passion.

Instead of making shift happen and disrupting the drift I demeaned myself for losing the commitment and passion I had, for letting the things I said would never take me off course basically rip it all from me. I think that tends to happen often when we fall of course. We criticize, our self talk becomes negative and it creates a mindset of defeat, of things being impossible to reconnect with and we lose the mindset that is open to all that is possible.

If you have fallen of the course, if you’ve become disconnected from the things you were in pursuit of and dropped into a place of defeat this is for you:

No holding onto failures, drop the self criticism. Start here. A fresh clean slate. Brand new, new horizons, sights set on something bigger without the weight of what occurred before. There’s no such thing as too far gone, you are never to far down the path to turn around and come back, there’s no such thing as impossible.

You can begin again right here in this moment.

Disrupt the drift. Recommit.