Wednesday Blue's

Did you know Wednesday is the most depressing day of the week? 

That’s right. I bet most of you think it’s Monday but our mood reaches it’s lowest point on Wednesdays. 

How can you change this mood? 

  • Are you that tired already at work? You need to change your routine. YOU ARE NOT STUCK. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than you do. Take your time to get ready and present yourself. I don’t care if no one will see you that day and you work in a box alone. Get ready. 
  • Did you eat breakfast? Probably not because you were rushing. Don’t forget about the first bullet, wake up earlier. Your blood sugar is typically low in the morning and your body needs food to refuel. Refuel your muscles and wake up that brain! If you don’t, you are gonna feel drained & probably stuff your face later on. 
  • Today I woke up and I felt it. I felt drained. No no no. I grabbed an Amino Energy we sell at all of our locations. Just a little pick me up to snap myself out of it. Maybe a black coffee or a bang energy drink. Anything that can help you get going to start your day off right. 
  • Do you take a multi vitamin? Well I highly recommend it. I won’t go on and on with the many benefits of taking it. But I will say they will help reduce fatigue, boost your energy and increase neurological functions.
  • Wednesday playlist? Yeah you need it. Blast your favorite songs on your way to work. Get excited. It’s another day. Another opportunity.
  • Earn your weekends. Don’t slack because it’s mid week and your just a few days away. It’s a poor mindset to have and affects you so much more than you think. Be productive. Be positive. Focus on one day at a time and executing the tasks you need to get done. 
  • When you reach the weekend, you won’t want to slack nearly as much and ruin what you worked for and accomplished every day that week. Don’t blow your whole pay check. Don’t eat a cheat meal EVERY meal. Purchase a few 95 meals for the weekend and plan ahead. Have ONE cheat meal and be controlled the rest of the day. 

So let’s do this! One day at a time. Wednesday or any day doesn’t have to be so bad if we don’t let it take control. I hope this helps!