I think there’s a common trend of when the circumstances are not ideal, our lives become hectic, or we feel discouraged and unmotivated the things we prioritized and had set out to achieve take the back burner.

The excuses and justifications pile up. The question will start to arise “is this worth it” is it worth all the work it requires to truly accomplish want we want to have happen.

Showing up to train has always come naturally to me. I actually tend to feel uncomfortable or full of guilt if there is something that prevents me from being able to do so. But my sport, the training it requires is repetitive and time consuming and it requires a strong mental game.

Training has waves of highs and lows. I’ve had to learn how to been even keeled through all of them, disclaimer I’m actually still learning. This last handful of months has been brought on numerous challenges of those waves.

As someone who spent the last half of the year training around injuries, navigating the circumstances, this was the first time I had thoughts of not wanting to go train. I dropped into the mindset of question the point of it all.

“Why do I choose to do this sport?”

“What is the point, what does this do for me?”

“I spend half my time and money recovering my body. Who spends 3 to 4 days at the office of a chiropractor and physical therapist?”

You have to find a “WHY” the real deep meaning to what ignites the fire inside of you to show up even when you don’t want to – because showing up when you don’t want to is what leads to the transformation, it’s where the transformation occurs.

The moment those questions arise of “what’s the point” is where you find the “why.”

I don’t know if I have a direct answer to any of the question I asked myself but I do know this.

I love the person I’ve become through showing up to do something I love daily. There are times and moments that bring in to question who I am, how I show up, and who I want to be. Those moments molded and built me. Those same moments and experiences will build and mold you as well if you allow them too. I’ve created a foundation of mental strength and adversity in all the showing up and sacrifice. Every moment that I choose to commit when it would be easier to walk away has lead me straight to who I’ve become in every next moment.

“What is the point?”

When that question arises contemplate who you REALLY want to be and recognize that in the moment of it being easier to walk away from those goals is the same moment you get to become who you want to be. It’s the moment you shift your vision, drop what you know, and take the actions need to stay the course on whatever you want to achieve.

Choose to become who you want to become next, over and over, even when you don’t want to because that is where you obtain the ability to be exactly who you are striving to become.

Written by: Sarah Fredette